"She's beautiful, to be sure... but I've heard her beauty is only surpassed by her brutality!"

Ai Ling is the leader of a large gang in Tien's Landing. She and a number of her thugs can be found at the town's old Boathouse. Members of Ai Ling's gang are harassing Baker Bei and the Player can decide to talk to Ai Ling as part of Quest: The Beaten Baker.

She says that although Bei is engaged to Seamstress Lan, he had already promised to marry her. Ai Ling tells the Player that she does not want to be in a gang for the rest of her life and so she wants Bei to do what he said he would, giving her the chance to lead a different life. When Bei and Lan are brought to the Boathouse to talk with Ai Ling, she reminds him of the promise, which turns out to have been made when they were both children. Ai Ling says that although it may not have meant anything to Bei, it did to her. If Player resolve the situation peacefully, they can convince Ai Ling that she is being unreasonable and she agrees to leave Bei and Lan in peace. Otherwise, Ai Ling ends up killing both Bei and Lan and then attacks the Player.

If Ai Ling survives, she can be part of a further quest. Ai Ling saw Bei as the only real prospect she had for marriage — there are few enough eligible bachelors in Tien's Landing and Ai Ling does not believe that any of them would regard her a suitable wife. However, the Player has the option of offering to look for a potential match. This begins Quest: Matchmaker. Depending on the Player's ability to persuade, Ai Ling can end up considering Chumin, Yaoru or Big Tian as a potential match.


Ai Ling shares her character model with Mistress Vo, Aishi the Mournful Blade and Miss Chan only she wears diffrent clothes.

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