"Am I your next student? I assure you, I am more than capable of defending myself. I was made an Attendant because of my... skills."
"You better be competent. If not, you might have an *accident.*"
"Is that so? I would be more concerned about yourself if I were you."
–Attendant Kitan and the Player

Attendant Kitan was the newest Lotus Assassin Acolyte who was part of Master Shin's personal entourage at the Lotus Assassin Fortress. As an Attendant, she helped oversee the saftey of Master Shin during his inspection of slave shipments.

Kitan was appointed to the position of Attendant because of her skill in combat. She, like her fellow Attendants, viewed the acolytes of Master Gang as worthless.


"You... you killed Kitan. The life of an acolyte is forfeit when they walk into this place, yes, but for one of Gang's ragged minions to do this is unforgivable".
–Attendant Cohong, spoken to the Player

Attendant Kitan fought the Player in what was supposed to be a training match, instead Kitan died by the pPayer's hands. If the Player did not deal with the attendants Kitan and her fellow attendants will be present with Master Shin and will aid him during his fight.