"I am a noble. The shame of manual labor or the stink of trade must not be allowed to touch me or even waft its way close to me!"
–Beggar Song

Beggar Song was a wealthy noble from the Imperial City. His father, after looking at Song's expenses, told his son to get a job. Beggar Song, not wanting to to do manual labor or work as a merchant, turned to begging for silver in the Golden Way.

Wisdom of BeggingEdit

"You've got it, and I want it. Should I steal it? Never! Simply ask like a civilized soul, I say".
–Beggar Song

Beggar Song, after consulting with philosophers and wise men, believed there was no shame in begging but that it would lead him to true wisdom. Song reasoned that wisdom was gained through two parts of life: experience and reflection. Experience consisted of wine, women and song which he obtained through his rich lifestyle. Reflection could only be found by daydreaming and pondering, but there would be no time for such if one worked. Thus, Beggar Song turned to begging.

"So you are begging in order to pay for drunken debauchery, all in service of becoming truly wise?"
"Well, it loses some of the subtlety when you put it that way. But yes".
–The Player and Beggar Song

The Player could offer Beggar Song a silver piece but, if Song suspected that the coin was given as payment for explaining his philosophy or for entertainment, he refused the coin. Only if the player offered a coin in pure charity would Beggar Song accept it.


  • Beggar Song shares his character model with Student Wen and Merchant Chiu, but they wear different clothes.
  • He purchased his headband from Zi Bao who likes to knit and sew.
Beggar Song with his mother

Beggar Song with his mother

  • He apears possibly with his mother at the end of the game where is watching what is happening in in the Imperial Palace.
  • Beggar Song is voiced by Dominic Catrambone

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