"Back on the farm, I ain't never seen so many people and buildings in one place. 'Cept for livestock. But I guess they ain't people... or buildings".
–Big Tian

Tian, called Big Tian on account of his size, worked on a farm outside of Tien's Landing. He was not very bright nor grew up around many people. His father encouraged him to go to the city where Tian hoped to find a wife. Big Tian is one of the potential suitors for the Quest: Matchmaker.

Longing for a WifeEdit

If the Player is female, he'll ask her to be his wife, after calling her pretty. The Player is able to tell him about Ai Ling and how she is looking for a husband, if they follow the Way of the Open Palm and decided the help her with her dilemma. The Player can tell Big Tian to come meet Ai Ling to discuss a possible marriage.

Possible Partnership Edit

If Big Tian is brought to meet Ai Ling, he is oblivious to the fact that she's a gang leader and believes she is just a part of a club. Ai Ling in turn is unimpressed, saying that he is unintelligent, but the Player can say that Big Tian is a good man despite being somewhat slow. However, Ai Ling is not sure she would want to leave Tien's Landing to live on a farm. The Player can convince Ai Ling and Tian to marry each other if the character has a high enough conversation skill and doesn't mention Ai Ling's gang.

If the Player convinced Ai Ling to give leaving Tien's Landing a chance:

Ai Ling would agree that life as a farmer's wife could be a refreshing change. Big Tian and Ai Ling decided to spend some private time together before deciding to marry. It is unknown whether they married as the Player left Tien's Landing soon after.

If the Player mentions Ai Ling's gang:

Big Tian becomes disgusted that Ai is a thug and calls the marriage off.

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