Bronze golem in Dirge

Bronze golem at Dirge

Bronze Golem or Siege Golem are giant golem that are only mention and appear in the cutscene in Dirge, when Kang destroyes the bridge that leads to the Temple of Dirge.

Like Jade Golem and Clay Golem, the creation of Bronze Golem is used by crystallized essence of human souls to create Spirit shard that controls the golems.

Of all the martial arts, the least understood are the transformation styles. Many disciplines teach the imitation of animal forms such as dragon or crane styles, but very few can take this philosophy to its ultimate application.

Practitioners of Bronze Golem not only know the inner workings of such humanoid constructs, they can focus their chi to directly mimic the strengths that make these creations so powerful. A true master of this style does not fight like a golem; he appears to become one, with fists every bit as heavy as bronze.


Bronze Golem was cut from the final game as transformation style, instead the Player can use Jade Golem as transformation style.


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