"It's too bad that people outside my home of Shangdang county cannot seem to stomach the delicacies that I prepare. They truly don't know what they're missing".
–Chai Jin

Chai Jin was a chef from Shangdang county (equivalent of Turkey) and set up shop in the Teahouse's upper level in Tien's Landing. He was renown for serving exotic foods and enjoyed eating his own creations. Chai Jin spoke Tho Fan.

A Strange MenuEdit

"I prepare my dishes with mastery and skill unlike any other. Unfortunately, the food from my county can have some... unusual effects on people".
–Chai Jin

Chai Jin served a total of ten dishes. Each dish negatively affected a person's constitution, mind or spirit. Chai Jin's most special dish, which he learned from a man in the Imperial City, affected all aspects of a person and was considered very dangerous. He never divulged the ingredients of his special dish, but claimed they were very rare.

Dishes that affect the bodyEdit

  • Roasted bear heart
  • Pickled haunch of deer served with brown beetle paste
  • Boiled ox testicles smothered in a succulent cream sauce

Dishes that affect the mindEdit

  • Monkey brain stew
  • Cold eagle eye soup
  • Curdled porcupine bladder in clabbered rat's milk

Dishes that affect the spiritEdit

  • Shark spleen soup
  • Jellied eels stuffed with fermented seaweed
  • Raw alligator eggs served in warmed goat's gall

Test of Body, Mind and SpiritEdit

Because of their strange taste and properties, few people of Tien's Landing were willing to try Chai Jin's dishes. Even in the Imperial City, not one person could stomach as many as two of his dishes. When the Player approached his shop and asked to try the food, Chai Jin made a bet. He asked the Player for 300 silver to cover expenses, with the idea that if the Player could eat three dishes without fainting Chai Jin would return the money. This was a good deal in Chai Jin's eyes because if the Player won the bet he/she would receive a free meal. After the Player finished three dishes, Chai Jin offered the Player his most dangerous dish but refused to eat it himself. In the style of the previous bet, Chai Jin asked for another 300 silver and promised to return the money and add in a bonus prize if the Player remained standing after the meal.

Fate of a CookEdit

If the Player didn't force Chai Jin to eat the special dish along with him/her:

Chai Jin congratulated the Player on his/her phenomenal physique and gave him/her The Bronze Tongue as a reward. Afterward he left the Teahouse to search for ingredients.

If the Player forced Chai Jin to eat the special dish along with him/her:

Chai Jin died from the potency of the dish and the Player looted his body.

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