"I'd love to speak with you, but Prefect Jitong gets very edgy when people question his "suspects"."

–Chandler Ling

Chandler Ling is a well-respected businessman and a merchant in the Imperial City. He is also a man suspected of being involved with slave traders.

The Prefect's SuspectEdit

It is Prefect Jitong's duty to ensure that convicted criminals in the city are sentence appropriately. He has in his custody Chandler Ling, a suspected slave trader, but one of the high ranking ministers is trying to get Ling released, and he wants Jitong to convict another man. If you offer to help him with his dilemma, you will obtain a quest called "The Slave Traders".

Free Chandler LingEdit

"He's looking for some dedicated citizen to help him in his investigaions. If you could clear this mess up, I'd certainly be grateful". –Chandler Ling

Arrested Because...Edit

Ling was arrested when Jitong found a valuable knife that he had purposely entrusted to one of his men. A man who had since disappeared. Chandler Ling had a knife belonging to a man whose body couldn't be found and that was all the evidence he needed.

If you choose to free Chandler Ling, you will receive Closed Fist points, a Gem of Seductive Power, and a promise for 500 silver coins and a discount at his shop if you visit him in the Golden Way.


  • Chandler Ling is voiced by [1]


  • He wears a stupid hat. Look at it.
  • He is currently growing his moustache out.
  • It is quite obvious that he needs to go to Sung Sui for hat advice (but he is too proud to admit it.)
  • His name is probably a reference to Chandler Bing.

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