"I'm Chumin the Craftsman. Nobody important, just a simple merchant of fine woodwork items".

Chumin the Craftsman was a resident of Tien's Landing and owned a woodworking business by the river. Chumin was going out of business because he lacked the conviction to collect money from his customers. He was single and thought about marrying a good woman to help him run his business.

Tough BargainEdit

"Your customers are taking advantage of you".
"You might be right. I'm a fine craftsman, but I'm not much for business. I extend credit too easily and then I can't bring myself to collect. It's just not in my nature".
–Player and Chumin

Chumin allowed several of his customers to slide by without paying because he knew they were experiencing financial problems due to the consequences of the Great Dam being opened. Because of this, he no longer had the silver to afford raw materials for his woodwork projects.

Despite monetary difficulties, Chumin refused to accept or take out loans because he knew the prospects for his shop were very poor. Chumin didn't want anyone to lose their investments in his shop.

Possible Partnership Edit


Ai Ling and Chumin meeting in the boat house

"H-h-hello, Ai Ling. I'm Chumin the Craftsman. I'm p-pleased to meet you".
"What's wrong with you? You look like you're going to throw up. If you vomit on my floor, you'll be cleaning it up yourself!"
–Chumin and Ai Ling

Chumin was introduced to Ai Ling by the Player. Originally, Chumin was skeptical of Ai Ling's potential as a wife. Though he knew she was beautiful, Chumin also believed that beauty was surpassed by her savage brutality. The Player was able to convince Chumin to meet with Ai Ling at the Boathouse.

Intimidate him to convince him to speak to Ai ling. When you meet her, she wont act too friendly at first. on the first option, say he's just shy, after say he is a true artist then on the next option use charm and they should decide to spend some "alone" time.

If the Player convinced Chumin to give Ai Ling a chance:

Chumin and Ai Ling decided to spend some private time together before deciding to marry. It is unknown whether they married as the Player left Tien's Landing soon after.

If the Player failed to convince Chumin to give Ai Ling a chance:

Chumin refuses to see Ai due to her reputation.


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