"Look, I don't have any work, I don't need anything fetched and I don't have any lost relatives for you to rescue!"
"You said your nephew was lost. You don't want help finding him?"
"Lost cause, Mister Wong, I said he was a lost cause. The boy was spoiled by my sister and.... Why am I telling you this? Just... go away".
–Cook Teh and Dishwasher Wong, spoken to the Player

Cook Teh was a resident of Tien's Landing and worked at the Teahouse as a head chef. Working under Cook Teh were several apprentices, most notably Dishwasher Wong, with whom he was very strict. He viewed Dishwasher Wong as little more than a vegetable cutter and described Wong as nothing when compared to himself.

Cook Teh's kitchen was stocked with exotic ingredients which Dishwasher Wong thought might be delicacies... somewhere. Cook Teh often complained that the customers of the Teahouse were incapable of understanding his good food, to which Dishwasher Wong suggested that the dishes were an acquired taste. He was apparently a bad cook with bad taste.

"What is this, the third time you've bothered me? Go tell the customers in the Teahouse their food will be late because of someone's nosy tour".
"[Mister Teh] doesn't really mean that. I mean, if everyone showed up in town, sure, there would be some delay, but most people eat at home, you know?"
"Mister Wong... you are an imbecile".
–Cook Teh and Dishwasher Wong, spoken to the Player

Unlike Dishwasher Wong, Cook Teh was rude, irritable and conceited. When asked about Tien's Landing, his advice was to walk around it. He did not believe in spirits, declaring they were stories for children and that he only believed what he saw.

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