Prince Sun Kin the Hand of Heaven, who later become fearsome Death's Hand was the youngest brother of the Jade Empire's royal family. His brothers were Emperor Sun Hai and Sun Li the Glorious Strategist. As the youngest, Prince Kin was the leader of the monastic Order of the Lotus that was later converted into Lotus Assassins . He was most commonly seen wielding a Demon Sword and a black curved knife. Prince Kin was very skilled with these two weapons and was a match for both his brothers in combat. Kin had a neutral alignment between the Way of the Open Palm and the Way of the Closed Fist.

As Sun KinEdit


Left to Right: Sun Kin, Sun Hai and Sun Li

Prince Kin was present at the siege of Dirge. He fought against the Spirit Monks along side his brother, Sun Li, clearing a path for the Emperor to the Water Dragon's Temple of Dirge. As they ascended the stairs a monk named Abbot Song blocked their path. Sun Kin attacked the monk head-on and Sun Li struck him down from behind. As the Brothers Sun entered the temple, Prince Kin and Sun Li fell in behind the Emperor. Prince Kin followed on the Emperor's right.

Partner with Sun LiEdit

"I believed the words of [Sun Li], thinking him wise beyond my understanding. Had I known what would happen, I would have fought to stop them both".
–Prince Kin, in the body of Death's Hand

Temple of Dirge

Prince Kin was part of Sun Li's plan to kill their older brother. While Sun Li stated his reasons for killing Sun Hai, Prince Kin's reasons are never confirmed. As the Emperor reached into the portal to the Spirit World to take the Water Dragon's power, Prince Kin stabbed him from behind and through the chest. To both Prince Kin's and Sun Li's horrified surprise, Sun Hai did not die. The Emperor knocked his brothers back with a stream of the Water Dragon's magical energy emanating from his hand. As Sun Li escaped, Prince Kin was trapped in the energy beam and smashed into a pillar. He was killed for his betrayal by the Emperor's power.

As Death's HandEdit


Prince Kin's body was dragged out of the temple by two Imperial soldiers to where Sun Li had abandoned his armor. As a taunt to Sun Li, the Emperor bound Prince Kin's spirit to the armor creating Death's Hand. Within the armor, Prince Kin's spirit had no free will and became corrupted.

"I am reborn again and again. I am the will of the Emperor. I am Death's Hand".
–Death's Hand

Death's Hand became the right hand of the Emperor Sun Hai at the end of the Long Drought in the battle of Dirge. Covered completely in fearsome armor, Death's Hand was a dark and imposing figure. Death's Hand was never seen without his mask. His true identity and purpose were unknown.

Like when he was Princ Sun Kin, now as Death's Hand, he became the leader of the monastic Order of the Lotus, which was soon erased and transformed into the Lotus Assassins. Sagacious Zu, Inquisitor Lim and Grand Inquisitor Jia are some of the members who survived the fatal transition.

Presented as a gung ho guardian of the Jade Empire, there are whisperings that he is greedy for power and has a grasp that reaches well beyond his station. That Death's Hand manipulates the Empire or that the Emperor is weak enough to allow it are the greatest fears of many citizens. Though little is said for fear of reprisals. His arrival heralded a new philosophy in the royal palace; respect is best gained through fear. As the head of the shadowy Lotus Assassins, the grim visage of his mask is the new face of law in the Jade Empire. The Lotus Assassins are everywhere and dissidents have a habit of disappearing, In the Necropolis the Lotus Assassins Fortress lies, where you discover a horrible truth, the people are being killed and transformed into Jade Golem and Clay Golem, husks devoid of energy as how some assassins call them.


Death's Hand at Dirge

Encounter with a Spirit MonkEdit

"Please, let me rest. Let my spirit finally have some peace".
–Death's Hand
Prince Sun Kin vs. Death's Hand

Prince Sun Kin vs. Death's Hand

At the Second Battle of Dirge, the Player, freshly returned from the Spirit World as a fully realized Spirit Monk, is able to incapacitate Death's Hand and draw out what remains of Sun Kin. The Spirit Monk, used Prince Sun Kin spirit and is able to defeat the corrupted persona and take control of Death's Hand. The Player then has two options:

If the Player chose to free the spirit of Prince Kin: Death's Hand became no more and Prince Kin's spirit, now free, was allowed to enter the underworld. Sun Li's armor was discarded forever.

If the Player chose to bind the spirit of Prince Kin: Death's Hand became the Player's follower and Prince Kin's spirit remained bound and corrupted to follow the Spirit Monk until the end of their journey. This leaves a horrifically corrupted Sun Kin to serve a Closed Fist Spirit Monk for all time, but service to an Open Palm Spirit Monk sees the corruption lift from Sun Kin's soul and the beginning of a path to redemption.

Should the Player decide to bind Death's Hand to his/her will and after defeating Sun Li, Death's Hand will, eventually, start traveling the land in search of ways on how to redeem himself for the crimes he committed or to continue to serve his new master if the Player follows Closed Fist.


Death's Hand bound
AND Water Dragon killed

After the power of the Water Dragon was restored, Death's Hand was sustained by <FullName>'s force of will. Some considered this cruel, and to Death's Hand it was just continued enslavement, but in the weeks that followed, the influence that had corrupted him began to fade, and a semblance of self returned. For the first time in decades, Death's Hand felt something other than rage; sadness for how he, as Sun Kin, had helped attack Dirge so long ago. Acceptance of this changed him, and he wandered the Empire seeking redemption. No longer bound to Sun Li's armor, he wore it anyway, a symbol not of the monster he was forced to be, but of the monster he had not recognized within himself.

Death's Hand bound
AND Water Dragon tainted

Bound to <FullName>'s will, Death's Hand served the new Empire wherever the face of terror was needed to quell dissension. Infused by the ever growing power of his master, his physical form was eventually corrupted beyond what his armor could contain, and he became something... other. Much to <FullName>'s approval, as the new form proved far more efficient at instilling fear. Besides, those allowed to comment agreed that the symbolism of trapping him within his brother's armor had always seemed somewhat quaint.


In the first version of Jade Empire Premiere trailer, first version Death's Hand looked different from the final version.


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