Demon Sword

Demon Sword is a sword weapon style. It is superior to all other sword weapon styles, including Fortune's Favorite and Dragon Sword. It strongly resembles the Wedung weapon used by Death's Hand and when he was Princ Sun Kin..

Obtaining StyleEdit

If you have the PC version of Jade Empire Special Edition, you can acquire this style from some bones near an overturned cannon on the Spirit Plain. The bones are located on the top side of the map, right behind you when first entering the Spirit Plain. After obtaining the style, it will immediately replace your previous sword style i.e. Fortune's Favorite or Dragon Sword.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Little is known about the Demon sword. It requires a powerful mind to control it, but its damage is greater than any single sword.


  • Drains Focus
  • +50% damage over basic Long Sword style.

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