Divine Radiance is an essence gem which grants a large bonus to Charm while imposing a moderate penalty to the other two conversation skills. It is a counterpart to Sixth Sense and Strong Arm, which provide equivalent boosts for Intuition and Intimidation, respectively.

It can be found at at the beginning of Chapter 7, in a chest near the tents at Dirge.

In-game description: "One of the reasons behind the formation of the Order of the Lotus was the potential influence of a rising priesthood. The personal magnetism and radiance of the Priestess Wu Lin made her an object of desire and near-worship throughout the Empire. In the hands of one with less devotion to the Empire, these powers of persuasion could have had disastrous effect on the balance of power in the land. For this reason, members of the Order of the Lotus wore featureless mask so that their physical blessings would not give them too much power."

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