Qui the Promoter needs to keep his fighters in top condition, so he hired Dr. An, a blind acupuncturist, to serve as their personal physician. She sells Intuition Gems and techniques that enhance your Body and Focus. She can also help you perform a liver transplant in the Quest: The Scientist.

Dr. An can be found in the section of the ring that surrounds the Imperial Arena behind a shoji screen that is near Hapless Han, Iron Soldier, Pretty Li-Li, Qui the Promoter and the three Sung brothers: Sung Bu, Sung Bo and Sung Sui.

A Healer EnragedEdit


Dr. An examines Crimson Khana's body

"How dare you stand before me? The others might overlook what you have done or believe that Khana died of natural causes, but I will not!"
–Dr. An, if the Player poisoned Crimson Khana

If the Player had poisoned Crimson Khana before the Bronze Division Championship fight, Khana died on the arena floor. Dr. An examined Khana's body and recognized the effects of southern black leaf extract, a fast-acting and deadly poison. She knew that only the Player benefited from this timely death and so refused to sell items and techniques or even speak to the Player afterward.

To take advantage of Dr. An's items, the Player should purchase what he/she needs beforehand.


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