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Emperors and EmpressesEdit

  • Sagacious Tien - Founder and first Emperor of the Jade Empire.
  • Yan Shun - Quelled a rebellion against his rule with Sagacious Tien's staff Tien's Justice.
  • Yu Baosi - Used the magical stones from the Valley of the Sprightly Stones to create the Imperial Palace.
  • Zhu Fu - Former student of the Black Leopard School, who moved the school to the Imperial City during his reign.
  • Zian - Known as Mad Emperor Zian. he become the Red Minister.
  • Sun Lin
  • Sun Jin
  • Sun Hai - the Emperor during the events of the first stage Jade Empire game.
  • Sun Li The Glorious Strategist - the Emperor during final stages of the Jade Empire game.

Possible Emperors and EmpressesEdit

Who takes the throne after Sun Li's defeat depends on whether a Closed Fist path was taken and whether or not Silk Fox is alive.

  • Sun Lian the Heavenly Lily (she will become Empress unless she is killed)
  • The Player (if he/she romanced Silk Fox or kills her and followed the Closed Fist ending)
  • Dawn Star (if the Player romanced her and followed the Closed Fist ending)
  • Sky (Imperial consort, if the Player romanced him and followed the Closed Fist ending).

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