Fuyao is a resident of Tien's Landing. She and her mother, Yeung Yifong, are leaving the town to escape its troubles, and when the Player meets them, Fuyao agrees with her mother that the Player should turn around and not visit Tien's Landing.

When the Player pass through Gao the Greater's pirate base, they will encounter Fuyao's mother, who says that Fuyao is somewhere in the base and needs to be rescued. This begins Quest: Yifong and Fuyao. Later, the Player can find Fuyao in a cave, being threatened by a slave breaker in the presence of her purchaser, Lordling Lun. The Player's choice will determine what happens to Fuyao. There are three options are for her to go free while Lordling Lun runs away, for her to kill Lordlind Lun or for her to remain a slave. Based on the Player's decision they will obtain the second scroll required for either the Viper style or the Iron Palm style. It is impossible to obtain both.


Voiced by Kari Wahlgren

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