Gems of Forethought are essence gems which grant small bonuses to one of the ability scores at the expense of receiving fewer power-ups after combat. There are three types of Gem of Forethought:

  • Warrior's gems, which boost Body at the expense of Health power-ups.
  • Monk's gems, which boost Spirit at the expense of Chi power-ups.
  • Scholar's gems, which boost Mind at the expense of Focus power-ups.

Gems of Forethought are the opposite of Gems of Fate, which tip the balance between ability scores and power-up generation in the other direction.

Warrior's Gem of ForethoughtEdit

A Warrior's Gem of Forethought can be purchased Tseng the Blacksmith in the Market District of the Imperial City.

In-game description: "A battlefield is chaotic enough without leaving one's successes to chance. Some warriors prefer to rely upon solid and predictable strengths rather than the random chance of respite during battle. This gem strengthens the wearer's inherent physical abilities, taking away the warrior's reliance on fate to provide assistance."

Monk's Gem of ForethoughtEdit

Monk's Gems of Forethought can be obtained from multiple sources:

In-game description: "To some, being prepared for any situation is the very essence of wisdom. While the world rewards those who excel, many warriors find that relying upon these rewards can lead to laziness and recklessness in battle. Only by bolstering one's natural spirit can one truly master the art of shaping one's Chi. This gem strengthens its wielder's spiritual reserves, but it removes the temptation to rely on the untrustworthy whims of fate."

Scholar's Gem of ForethoughtEdit

A Scholar's Gem of Forethought can be purchased from Acolyte Trainer Guang in the Lotus Assassin Fortress.

In-game description: "The concepts of mental focus and of distraction are mutually exclusive. Many believe that one cannot succeed in a mental capacity by always relying on the subtle whims of fate to fuel one's success. This gem enhances the wearer's inherent mental abilities while weaning the warrior from reliance on fate's fickle favor."

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