"My name is Gentle Breezes, but everyone just calls me Breezes now. I guess you lose your gentle side when you spend too many nights with Judge Fang".

–Gentle Breezes

Gentle Breezes was a courtesan who worked exclusively for Judge Fang. Despite the large payments she received, Breezes hated Fang and the disturbing acts in which she was forced to participate. Every night Breezes thought about quitting, but she knew Fang had the power and wealth to track her across the Empire if she left. With escape impossible, Breezes learned to accept her situation no matter how unhappy it made her.

The Player character approaches her, seeking information about how Judge Fang may be embarrassed into resigning his post as Head of the Ministry of Harmony (or otherwise having him lose his position).

With enough persuasion (Intuition 71 or greater) or 900 silver coins, she can be persuaded to either give you Fang's ring (allowing him to live, but completing the mission) or lure him to the stables where he can be killed.


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