Shen is the First Gravedigger of the Necropolis. He is known to steal items from the graves of the people he kept buried and either keeps the good things to himself or sells them off for money. He is a married man, but is tormented by the ghost of his mother-in-law, who was not too fond of him in life.

He can be found at his home to the south of the map after first encountering him (turning right upon entering the Necropolis)


Shen employs Player character to deal with several ghosts that are distrupting the Necropolis, including his mother-in-law's ghost. The disruptive ghosts include: Miss Chan, who holds Shen accountable for her baby's death; Merchant Bai, who was murdered in an alleyway and cannot rest until the ghosts of his killers are dispersed; and Ren Ming, who seeks revenge for his death, believing his wife murdered him. After the Player deals with the ghosts, Shen employs the Player to deal with Elder Tanner Fong.

Shen will reward the Player with The Mournful Soul gem once his Mother-in-law's ghost is dispersed.

Shen also sells a collection of gems he stole from graves.


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