"Bandits, hmm? I see... see a lot of them. I'd better let someone else have some fun for a change. Can't abandon the gate. You never know if they are going to sneak around".

"Everyone is needed. Get ready to fight"
"Eeeh, no please! I can't fight. I just didn't want to be a rock-picker in my grandfather's field".
–Guard Yung and the Player

Guard Yung was in charge of the Town Gate separating Two Rivers from the Swamp. While he frequently talked big, he had no combat experience.

Guard on DutyEdit

Bandit AttackEdit

"Gate guards. We're an unappreciated lot."
–Guard Yung

During the bandit attack, Yung refused to leave his post because he could not fight. After the battle, he asked the Player to keep his cowardice a secret. He still claimed to take the task of protecting the gate seriously and would not answer any of the Player's questions because they disrupted his focus.

Kidnapping of Dawn StarEdit

"Ughh... my head feels like a war drum and the battle did not go in the Empire's favor".
–Guard Yung, after waking up from an attack

Sometime after the bandit attack, Gao the Lesser approached Yung dragging a large sack. Yung asked Gao if he needed any help. Gao responded, "No just the key to the gate" and then activated his Dire Flame magic to conjure a ball of flame around his hand. Having never been threatening before, Yung immediately passed out. He was awoken by the Player to whom Yung told his tale.


Yung was presumed to have died in the assault on Two Rivers by Gao the Greater's flyers and the Lotus Assassins.


Guard Yung shares character model with Ni Joh, Steeper Yanru and a aid to Sir Roderick, only wears different clothes.

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