"I am Gufu, great one. Some call me Gufu the Sweet, though I don't know why, I usually smell like the fish I sell. Perhaps they are making fun of me".
–Gufu the Sweet

Gufu the Sweet was a resident of Tien's Landing and sold fish for a living. After the Great Dam was opened by the Lotus Assassins, the fish supply dropped to nothing and Gufu found herself wishing she lived somewhere else.

Tourist GuideEdit

"Take care of yourself, stranger and be glad that you do not live in Tien's Landing".
–Gufu the Sweet

When the Player arrived in Tien's Landing, Gufu warned the Player to leave the town but politely answered any questions asked of her.


Tien's Landing

Town TroublesEdit

As a woman who sold fish, the opening of the Great Dam affected Gufu deeply. She explained that once the dam was opened the water drained away too quickly, leaving the river next to Tien's Landing with no fish and making it impossible for ships to navigate.

Despite the hardships the open dam caused, no one dared closed the dam because the dam controls were in the haunted ruins of Old Tien's Landing.

She felt that Minister Sheng was incapable of solving the town's problems.


"I wish I could help you, great one. But I am only a humble peasant woman. All I know about pirates is to try and avoid them".
–Gufu the Sweet

When Gufu found herself at a loss with a question, she redirected the Player to the next best source. For discussion of the haunted ruins, Gufu suggested that the Player speak with Old Wei, who no longer cared about curses or ghosts because of his age. For information on pirates and airships, Gufu pointed the Player in the direction of Minister Sheng. Finally, when asked about the name of the town, Gufu told the Player to speak with Lishun the Talkative.


"Do you have your coin purse with you?"
"Um, yes, I do. Why do you ask?"
–Player and Gufu the Sweet

Gufu may have had her money, a total of 62 silver, extorted from her by the Player. If the Player chooses to do this, Gufu will flinch whenever you speak to her later and ask to be left alone, claiming she has nothing left for you take.

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