"We're all one big happy family!"
"You're a big, happy idiot, Han!"
–Hapless Han and Iron Soldier after the Player first joins the Arena
"[Han] never quits trying. Reminds me of a young me trying to clamor my way up from the streets. He'll go far, you rest assured".
Qui the Promoter

Hapless Han was a fighter in the Qualifying Division at the Imperial Arena whose consistent losses earned him the name "Hapless" (meaning unfortunate) from fans. Despite his losses and bruises, Han had an optimistic attitude about his position in the Arena, knowing that numbers weren't as important as trying one's best. He also encouraged any of the new fighters, including the Player and was happy to answer a variety of questions.

"It's what's inside that counts, wouldn't you say?"
"That's a positive way to look at things".
"It's the only way of looking at things. Otherwise you go quietly insane as you slip into the blackness of despair".
–Hapless Han and the Player

While he was not an official champion, Qui the Promoter required that all new fighters must defeat Han before they could leave the qualifiers and move up to the Bronze Division.

Because he received constant injuries from losing in matches, Han continually went to the resident arena doctor, Dr. An, for healing.

Life Before the ArenaEdit

"My father is no longer my father. More precisely, I'm no longer a son in his eyes."
–Hapless Han

Han's father was a blacksmith of great renown who wished for Han to follow in his footsteps. Unfortunately, Han had no talent at blacksmithing. The blades Han made were brittle and simple iron work gave him problems. For his failures, Han was cast out from home and disowned by his father.

Though he had no proper martial training, Han went east to the Imperial City to join the Arena. He hoped that one day, after rising in the arena ranks, his father would be proud.

Despite his optimism, Han struggled with the memories of his father every day.

Truly Hapless?Edit

"Perhaps [Han's] smile is that of the full and satisfied tiger. Not vacant, as the others believe".
–Crimson Khana

Crimson Khana observed that Han learned from every one of his encounters and wondered if he purposefully stayed in the qualifiers so he could face every new fighter and learn from their techniques.

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