Jade Empire in Style is a mod for the original game, that makes pretty much all of the game's styles available to players and adds a few more to boot. You can learn all of these new styles by fighting enemies who use them. Whether you do or do not get the chance to learn in combat, depends mostly on the amount of damage you allow your enemies to do to you. Some styles may be harder to acquire than others, because they're used by tough opponents, but by and large you should be able to acquire quite a few styles more than in vanilla Jade Empire.


The different kind of drops in this mod

Since having more styles at your disposal would be no fun if you could only level three or four of them, this mod also provides you with more style points. At least potentially. The mod does not increase the number of points you get at level-up, mind you. That would be boring. No, that number has been set to zero instead. But you can win style points in combat! Enemies will drop them in the form of black orbs that you can pick up - very much like the Chi, Focus or Health power-ups. How many points you do get, depends - again - on your combat skills.

Additionally the mod gives the player the option to "specialize". There are three possible specializations to choose from: Magic, Martial Arts and Weapons. Specializing increases the damage of your chosen discipline and weakens the other two.

The mod also adds a number of gems, techniques and miscellaneous items.

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