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Ji Xin

"I am evil incarnate. A man so vicious and vile that the spirits deemed my unfit to pass into death and cursed me into this wretched form. Ji Xin lives, indeed..."
–Ji Xin

Ji Xin was a corrupt nobleman who was recently buried in the Necropolis. Like many other poor souls in Jade Empire, however, he can't move on to the next world. Mad Wen sends you to harvest his liver; even though he doesn't need it any more, the selfish noble isn't disposed to donate it to you.

Tomb of Ji Xin entrance

The entrance to the Tomb of Ji Xin

To the left is the entrance of Ji Xin's tomb in the Necropolis.

Fate Edit

"A chance... to repent. Can it be that after all this time, after years of living death, I am given this one chance to make something right?"
–Ji Xin

There are two ways to get the liver from him. The first way is to convince him that by donating his liver he can be redeemed, if your persuasion works he appears to you after Mad Wen transplants the liver into his daughter's body saying that he was in fact redeemed. The other way to get the liver is to fight and defeat him, if you do this and don't use any of your Chi to negate Ji Xin's influence on the girl, he will posses her.

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