"You don't seriously think you'll catch me out with that strategy, do you, Vo? Another game, Vo or do you tire of losing?"
–Jian the Iron Fist

Jian the Iron Fist came to Tien's Landing once every year to meet with his former student, Mistress Vo and play Yi. He spoke Tho Fan and followed the Way of the Closed Fist.


"I am a warrior and I refuse to let time bend me as it has so many others".
–Jian the Iron Fist

Jian was a warrior, once demanded by lords for his services. He took Vo on as his student and described her as fearsome on the battlefield. Twenty years ago they had a falling out and Vo became a peacemaker, turning to the Way of the Open Palm. Jian considered Vo his only failing.

"The Way of the Closed Fist must becoming a tiring way to live at your age, Jian".
–Mistress Vo

Despite his age, Jian trained his body to ignore its failings. He was still a proficient fighter and master of the Tempest magic style.

Game of YiEdit

"How can you play a game with no pieces or board?"
"Desperation, mostly. Neither Vo nor I have the time to carry around our boards, or the exquisite slate pieces".
–Player and Jian the Iron Fist

Jian and Vo met to play Yi ever since Vo left Jian's teachings, twenty years ago. Because of his battle filled life, Jian could not carry a physical game of Yi on his person. The same was true of Vo. During their meetings, they would instead play a mental game of Yi, keeping the pieces and moves in their heads. This turned the game not only into a game of wits, but also into a contest of the mind.

Teachings Edit

"Show me that you understand every nuance of the Way of the Closed Fist, and I will teach you how to bend the storms to your will through Tempest."
–Jian the Iron Fist, spoken to the Player

Jian would refuse to share his teachings unless he found a person with extreme potential. He sensed potential within the Player after meeting him/her for the first time. Jian offered to teach the Player the magic style Tempest if he/she were truly a follower of the Closed Fist. Jian felt that learning the Ways by yourself was the most important lesson and would not guide the Player on the Way of the Closed Fist.

Mastering the Wind Edit

The Player is only able to convince Jian that he/she is able to undertake Jian's training when their morality meter is as Closed Fisted as the Player can get. Once this happens you will then have to defeat Jian in combate to prove you are capable of controlling the wind.

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