Jinlin is a young girl who lives in the Imperial City. Her father died leaving a substantial debt which she and her mother must pay to Purveyor Shouji off by collecting a strange bowl within a haunted tomb in Necropolis. If she not return with the prize, she and her mother will be send to work on the Wall. She is sweet and innocent and greatly looks up to the Player when they help her. She is later seen during the ending cinematic looking up at the Imperial Palace when the Player finishes the game.

Jinlin QuestEdit

The Player will see Jinlin, young girl talking to a man who threatens to hurt her mother. She will be in the general area in front of the gate leading to the Golden Way. You can treat her as roughly or as kindly as you like, but you can still earn Closed Fist points by asking her for money, then agreeing to go even after she tells you she can't pay you.

The Player must then help her collect a treasure which lies untouched in a tomb in the Necropolis. The tomb will be in the northern part of the map past the tomb of Ji Xin. The only problem is that the tomb is obviously full of ghosts and mummys, and she'd never survive the trip. If you accept her task, you can head to the Necropolis and meet her by the entrance to the Tomb of the Dignified Collector, wich is the tomb of the Emperor's Zian. She'll open the door for you, and ask you to head inside and clear out the tomb. Most of the enemies in the tomb aren't so difficult, but when you reach the Inner Sanctum, you'll have to take on the Insane Emperor Ghost and three Lost Spirits simultaneously. He awakens and tries to kill the Player for invading his resting place. You'll obviously want to take on the Spirits first; hopefully you have enough Chi to quickly take them down with Chi Strikes before turning your attention on the Ghost itself. It can use Spirit Thief, which also happens to restore its health, so you may want to flip your follower onto attack mode and gang up on it to bring it down.

After you fight your way out of the tomb, you'll earn the Configuration of the Tiger and Jinlin will scamper back off to Purveyor Shouji to give him the urn and pay off her father's debt. Unfortunately, there's no way to mock her weakness and steal the urn from her, mocking the fate of her poor kidnapped mother, so you'll be forced to accept Open Palm points if you want the Configuration.

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