"He's the most infamous degenerate in the city... and I work for him".
–Gentle Breezes

Judge Fang is the head of the Ministry of Harmony. He oversees taxes and executions across the Empire. The Lotus Assassins are usually on their guard with him, as despite his corrupt and vile nature he is disturbed by their own and seeks to curb them. In order to infiltrate the Lotus Assassin's with the approval of the Head Inquisitor the Player must stop him doing so, either by stopping Minister Sheng from presenting him the evidence Fang would need to weaken the Inquisitors or by blackmailing Fang into resigning before their meeting.

Before you start the quest you must speak to Scholar Dongow in the Scholar's Garden and be on the Lotus Inquisitors quest. The quest line starts when the Player speak to the bodyguards of Judge Fang. They tell you personal information about the Judge. Gentle Breezes is Fang's concubine and he horribly mistreats her. The guards joke that to call him "sick and twisted" is an insult to people who are merely sick and twisted. Breezes is located across from the guards. When you speak to Breezes you discuss how to bring down Judge Fang and encourage Breezes to assist using the options: Charm, Intuition or Intimidation. The two options she floats are sending her in to steal his signet ring after a sexual encounter (losing this ring is a serious breach of professional conduct and would see him immediately dismissed and disgraced) or luring him to an area where he can be discreetly killed (which solves the problem much more simply.)

In order to get the Inquisitor Seal the Player must disgrace Fang instead of gaining access to simply kill him.

If the problem is solved by disgracing him, Judge Fang is despondent that he can no longer work against the Lotus Assassins, since despite his own moral shortcomings he truly sees them as worse than himself and wished to curb their evil.

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