Long the Lout is a character found in the Imperial City. He only appears briefly.

Long will only speak to Player if they select the most impolite or confrontational choices when talking to Princess Sun Lian, who the Player will recognise from her guise as Silk Fox. This entails:

  • Addressing her as Silk Fox and saying that the party could have used her help in getting to the Imperial City.
  • Refusing to bow and saying that they don't know her as a princess.
  • Suggesting that she just likes getting her hands dirty with commoners.
  • Describing her proposed private meeting as "such a scandal".
  • Telling her not to blame her entourage for the pampering she demands.

After the conversation is over, Long approaches and express admiration for the way the Player acted, saying that he has "never seen anyone dare to say so much against the royal family and live to walk away" and that "the distress you caused her handlers was a wonder to behold". He then rewards Player with the Loutish Approval technique, which gives +2 to health.

If Player are polite to the Princess, Long is seen in the background, but does not approach and Player are unable to obtain the technique.

Either way, he is not seen again after his first appearance.

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