"Look, we have fresh blood. Another soul for the forge, or a new pet for the masters? We don't need more competition for attention".

–Lotus Acolyte Du Gah

Lotus Acolyte Du Gah was a Lotus Assassin in-training who spoke Tho Fan. She with three other Lotus Acolytes, including Jin Tao, were acolytes of Master Gang and they waited at the entrance of the Hall of Induction to test new recruits attempting to enter their Order.

Like many other acolytes, Du Gah was concerned that the creation of the golem army took status away from herself and the other Lotus Assassins. Du Gah would kill any prospective acolytes before they could rise up in rank and thus take away more status from herself.

Encounters with a Spirit MonkEdit

"We all serve, but those who serve are not all equal."
–Lotus Acolyte Du Gah

When the Player entered the Lotus Assassin Fortress, Du Gah challenged the Player to prove his/her worth. She ordered Lotus Acolyte Jin Tao to kill the Player, but he was killed instead. After Jin Tao's death, Du Gah retreated with the other acolytes and warned the Player that their confrontation was not yet over.

"It is hard enough to get ahead in this place without you distracting the master! After you fall, Master Gang will realize he should have focused on us instead of you. That's all that matters".
–Lotus Acolyte Du Gah

After the Player created a spirit shard, Du Gah and two other Lotus Acolytes confronted the Player outside of the Soul Extractor Room. The Player killed her and her companions.

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