The Lotus Inquisitor Recruiter was charged with determining if prospective Lotus Assassins had a future as a member of the Inquisitors, Lotus Assassin responsible for containing information about the Assassin's act and insuring the general population of the Empire remained ignorant as to the Lotus Assassins true nature.

When the Player encountered the recruiter in the process of joining the Assassins as a spy, the Inquisitor gave him or her a task to prove his or her worth: Minister Sheng, the Ministry Of Harmony employee whom the Player had encountered in Tien's Landing, was about to deliver a report on the Assassins activities in Tien's Landing to his boss: Judge Fang, the head of the Ministry Of Harmony. Judge Fang was a well-known opponent of the Assassins and was constantly looking for ways to sabotage them. If the report was successfully delivered to Fang, it might be enough to cause trouble for the Assassins and the actions needed to ensure his silence would be messy and conspicuous. As the Inquisitors preferred to act proactively, the Recruiter tasked the Player with ensuring that the report was not delivered to Fang. The specifics were up to them.

Lotus Assassins Inquisitor Seal

Lotus Assassins Inquisitor Seal

There were a number of ways the Player might have accomplished this mission, but if completed successfully and with the proper amount of discretion, the Recruiter rewarded him or her with an Inquisitor Seal, giving them access to the Lotus Assassin Fortress in the Necropolis.


In Closed Fist ending there is a Lotus Assaassin that had the same face as the Lotus Inquisitor Recruiter.

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