"Did the glint of silver get in your eye?"

–Lucky Cho to Warrior Zhang

Lucky Cho acts as a thug for the Guild in the Imperial Arena.

The Poisonous PlanEdit

After the Player has defeated the Toad Demon in the third battle of the Bronze Division, he/she will be asked to go and speak with Cho. On behalf of Kai Lan the Serpent - who has a special interest in the player's progress - he offers an easy win against Crimson Khana, the champion of the Bronze Division.

After introducing Sweet Poison Lyn, he suggests that the player poison Khana's drink before the battle for a guaranteed position in the Silver Division.

Choose Your Path WiselyEdit

As in many situations, there is an Open Palm solution and a Closed Fist solution.

Open PalmEdit

A follower of the Open Palm can simply turn down Cho's offer and fight Khana fairly. For even more Open Palm points, the player can inform Khana of the Guild's plot to assassinate her. She rewards honesty by teaching the player the Crimson Tears weapon style when the battle is over. If the player doesn't tell her about the plot, but still chooses to fight fairly, she will teach the Eyes of the Dragon style instead (which is identical to Crimson Tears, but physically weaker).

Closed FistEdit

A follower of the Closed Fist can accept Cho's offer and poison Khana. This will cost him/her half of the prize winnings (but a successful dialogue check can reduce it to a quarter). Success is guaranteed. If the player chooses to accept the offer, later Iron Soldier will approach and offer to throw the match in the Silver Division.


After the Player has spoken to Kai Lan the Serpent and has been interrupted by the Black Whirlwind, he/she will be lead to the Creature Pens by Whirlwind to speak of the dangers of associating with people like Kai Lan. Before he can evaluate, Cho arrives to teach Whirlwind a lesson for embarrassing Kai Lan. He is defeated and killed in the Creature Pens.

Cannibals eat Lucky Cho

Cannibals despose body of Lucky Cho

After discovering his corpse, Kai Lan opens the pens where the cannibals are held and they eat Lucky Cho's corpse.


Lucky Cho's remains

Lucky Cho's remains