"An honest merchant used to make a good living in this town, but those drunken sailors have stolen most of my goods! I have nothing to sell you".

–Merchant Cheung

Merchant Cheung was a resident of Tien's Landing. He owned a shop in the Merchant Area of the town and between the town being cut off from trade and sailors robbing his store, he had nothing left.

Target for ThievesEdit

"Stop! Thief! Come back here with my sword!"
–Drunk sailor and Merchant Cheung

Since the opening of the Great Dam, the Lucky Night and her crew of sailors were stranded in Tien's Landing. From Cheung's shop the sailors mostly stole perishable items such as grain, baked goods and fruit. Cheung would have taken his complaints to the authorities, but knew Minister Sheng could do little to stop them.

A Precious GiftEdit

"The figurine isn't worth much, but it belonged to my mother. I wish there was some way to get it back".
–Merchant Cheung

One day a sailor named Tong stole a clay figurine from Cheung's shop. The figurine was given to Cheung by his mother and he asked the Player to retrieve it for him. As a reward, he offered the Player a discount off all his merchandise once it arrived.

After the Player returned the figurine Cheung was very thankful and again offered the Player the discount.

If, on the other hand, the Player did not convince Tong to give them the clay figurine before closing the dam, Tong leaves Tien's Langing with the rest of the Lucky Night's crew when the ship sets sail, and Cheung has to do without the figurine.


If the Player closes the dam, Cheung is able to restock his supplies. With the discount given for returning Cheung's clay figurine, all of his flawed gems are 200 silver, inferior conversation gems are 150 silver, inferior warrior gem is 1500 silver, and the Storm Dragon style is 4500 silver.

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