"I should be a woman now, with kids of my own! I should have a husband and a house. Instead, I have ashes and bones".

Miao is the ghost of an orphan girl who lived in the orphanage of Old Tien's Landing. She remains there in death, along with Bin, her fellow orphan-ghost.


Kindly Yushan states that she was "the best of his wards" and helped him care for the children. However, she has "gone strange" in death, as observed by Bin and no longer much resembles her former self.

In the twenty years she has haunted the ruins of the orphanage, Miao has learned not only how she as a ghost can harm the living, but how to enjoy it. She eagerly demonstrates this to the Last Spirit Monk when he/she comes to the ruins of the orphanage. Bin is bothered by this and he asks her to stop, saying it will do no good for anyone. Miao responds that she doesn't care, and that "someone has to pay."

Miao believes she was abandoned when the waters came and that not even Kindly Yushan bothered to come back for her or any of the other orphans. Unable to find peace, Miao has become intensely angry and bitter, to the point where she asks the Player to bring him to her, so that she may kill him, herself, in revenge. Bin tries to calm her, but he fears that unless something is done to resolve Miao's anger, she will grow worse and even more unrecognizable.


  • If the Spirit Monk brings Kindly Yushan to the orphanage and has him bury the children's bones as Bin suggested, Miao is surprised at how much better she feels when the task is completed. She and Bin move on, expressing their gratitude.
  • If the Spirit Monk brings Kindly Yushan to the orphanage and lets Miao have her revenge, she greets him eagerly and quickly kills him. She enjoys the act, but Bin is dismayed. He fears Miao will become stranger and that neither she nor him will ever find peace.
  • If the Spirit Monk kills Kindly Yushun and brings Miao his head, she is pleased. Bin, however, is fearful and dismayed, wishing the Player had never done what Miao asked.


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