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Mirabelle is the gun used by Sir Roderick. It is possible to acquire this weapon style by besting Sir Roderick in a challenge of wits and afterwards a battle.

Mirabelle could be called the best ranged weapon in the game. It has high damage and great range. However, it must be reloaded after each shot, and the power attack requires additional loading before it can be executed. This reloading takes up valuable time that enemies can use to close in. In addition, the player is unable to roll or jump while wielding Mirabelle, severely limiting his or her evasion and movement. When first acquired, Mirabelle drains focus extremely quickly, and can use up a player's entire focus if they are not careful. However, upgrading the "focus cost reduction" on Mirabelle helps to counteract this effect quite well.

Within Bioware's later game Dragon Age II, the narrator/companion dwarf Varric makes a mention to a weapon named Mirabelle after claming "Mirabelle was taken", this being the only reasoning he gives for his crossbow 'Bianca's' name.

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