"Ah, Miss Chan. A tragedy, really and one that happens all too often".
-Gravedigger Shen to the Player character

Miss Chan died in childbirth and her baby boy died with her. She was buried in the family plot along with her son. Her spirit rises from the grave, restlessly seeking her baby, believing Shen to have stolen him from her. She cannot recall what she had planned to name her son, as much of her past is unclear to her in her death. She is mistrusting of people and will not believe that her son is dead unless she sees his grave. She is precariously close to breaking, stating fearfully that the madness "has its claws in [her] as well".

A Mournful GhostEdit

The Player can either choose to help her find her son, show her the wrong grave (thus driving her to madness) or simply destroy her spirit, dispersing it for a time. The full quest walkthrough can be found here.


Miss Chan shares her character model (only pale) with Ai Ling, Mistress Vo and Aishi the Mournful Blade, only she wears diffrent clothes.

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