"Are you getting slow in your old age, Jian? Your move, old goat".
–Mistress Vo

Mistress Vo came to Tien's Landing once every year to meet with her former master, Jian the Iron Fist and play Yi. She followed the Way of the Open Palm.


"Back when she had some sense, she was fearsome on the battlefield. Lords demanded our services, and we could have bathed in the silver they paid us".
"That was before I realized that Jian caused as much trouble as he solved".
–Jian the Iron Fist and Mistress Vo

Vo was taken as an apprentice by Jian in her youth. When she realized she didn't agree with Jian's philosophies, the Way of the Closed Fist, she parted from him. This happened twenty years ago. Despite not agreeing with him, Vo still felt affection for her old master, often calling him "old goat" in a teasing manner.

"I only fight when it is necessary, and only when other options have failed.... It does not make my actions any less significant".
–Mistress Vo

After leaving Jian, Vo found herself becoming a peacemaker on the Way of the Open Palm. From that harmony, she learned the mysteries of the Stone Immortal magic style.

Game of YiEdit

"To be fair, I'm not sure if we enjoy the game or bickering more".
–Mistress Vo

Vo and Jian met to play Yi ever since she left Jian's teachings. Because of the demands of her life, Vo could not carry a physical game of Yi on her person. The same was true of Jian. During their meetings, they would instead play a mental game of Yi, keeping the pieces and moves in their heads. This turned the game not only into a game of wits, but also into a contest of the mind.


"When you feel that you sufficiently understand the Way of the Open Palm, return to me".
-Mistress Vo

Vo was quick at deciphering the potential of those she met. When meeting the Player for the first time, she sensed great potential and offered to teach the Player the magic style Stone Immortal. Vo's only requirement was that the Player must show they are a true follower of the Open Palm.

Mastering the Earth Edit

The Player is only able to convince Vo that he/she is able to undertake Vo's training when their morality meter is strongly Open Palm (about halfway between the middle and the very top or "75%" of the bar. Once this happens the Player will then have to defeat Vo in combat to prove they are capable of controlling the earth. This level of Open Palm can be achieved well before the Imperial City if the Player chooses all possible Open Palm options in Two Rivers and Tien's Landing.


Mistress Vo shares her character model with Ai Ling, Aishi the Mournful Blade and Miss Chan only she wears diffrent clothes.

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