"Questions lead to answers, answers to knowledge, knowledge to enlightenment and enlightenment to peace. The teachings of Sagacious Tien are based on these precepts. I would be honored to assist you if I am able".

–Philosopher Jiao

Philosopher Jiao was one of the master philosophers found in the Scholar's Garden. He dedicated himself to learning and thus forwent many pleasures of life, such as experiencing the whole of the Imperial City. While Philosopher Jiao was content with his choices, he occasionally had doubts about the life he had chosen. The city outside the Scholar's Garden was a constant reminder of his decision.

When spoken to by the Player he was both polite and offered his assistance and best wishes.

"The teachings of Sagacious Tien are very simple, but the implications are astoundingly complex".
–Philosopher Jiao

Philosopher Jiao specialized in the teachings of Sagacious Tien as well as the first Emperor's history. The player could ask him about those topics as well as about philosophers and scholars in general.


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