"Hmm... yes? Come closer, I cannot see who you are. Is that you again, Zenji? Ayee, no it is not, I can tell by your breath. Please, come no closer!"

–Philosopher Shendao, when first meeting the Player

Philosopher Shendaow as the eldest philosopher in the Scholar's Garden and so many people frequently asked him questions. Shendao disliked the interruptions as they disturbed his meditations. The Player had the option to ask him a variety of questions on Emperor Sun Hai, Death's Hand and Master Li, but Shendao was not forthcoming with answers.

Shendao would only say that Sun Hai was more powerful than any Emperor he had ever known and that Death's Hand was a fiend. He also cautioned the Player against asking question which could lead to trouble.

"I'm searching for Master Li from Two Rivers."
"That is not a question! How can this Li call himself your Master when your skills are so obviously undeveloped? You have not even told me what this Li is a master of! Is he a master of knitting or martial arts? How can I give you an answer based on such flimsy questions? Perhaps your master was so frustrated by your ineptitude that he decided to quit and leave his home in Two Rivers. I certainly wouldn't blame him."
–The Player and Philosopher Shendao

Other InteractionsEdit

If the Player made contact with one of the Lotus Assassin Recruiters, Shendao would comment on that during his next conversation.

If the Player won against Sir Roderick in the debate, Shendao was part of the crowd that applauded the Player's efforts.

Through an Intimidation check, the Player could convince Philosopher Shendao to remain silent. From then on, Shendao was afraid of the Player and would shrink away from him/her.

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