"I keep an eye on things for Soldier, see? I even help him train and work out any tension he might be feeling after a fight".

–Pretty Li-Li

Pretty Li-Li is one of the various patrons that can be found in the outer ring that surrounds the Imperial Arena. She stands next to Iron Soldier, one of your opponents if you fight in the arena. He is the top fighter in the Silver Division.

She looks out for new fighters, and tries to keep tabs on what Kai Lan the Serpent and - as she put it - his "goon" Lucky Cho are up to. She is willing to offer information on a few subjects, if you ask her.

Subjects she will discuss Edit

  • Kai Lan the Serpent (she will mention that you are not important enough to catch his gaze).
  • Lucky Cho
  • Iron Soldier (about how she helps him train and release tension).
  • The Imperial City (she will mention that Bai the Outcrier is "paid to be full of useless information" and that you should go to him if you want to discuss the city).

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