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"A wise decision. You know where to find me once you have it. Do not keep me waiting, Jinlin."
–Purveyor Shouji to Jinlin

Purveyor Shouji can be seen scolding a little girl named Jinlin in the Market District. If she don't retrievea strange bowl within a haunted tomb in Necropolis, he will send her and her mother to the Wall.

The Little Girl Must PayEdit

The reason for his behaviour is the fact that Jinlins father owed him money and is now dead. So, he then decides to take it out on her and force her to repay him for her father's debts.


  • Purveyor Shouji speaks Tho Fan.
  • He wears an identical robe to Scholar Songtao.
  • His hat is yuck. Yet another man who is in need of hat advice from Sung Sui.

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