The head of the bronze division is none other than Khana, and the player will be presented with an interesting choice once she or he climbs to having next to fight Khana. The player will be told someone wants to talk to them, and will talk to the "Serpent"'s right hand man. He will introduce you to one of the guild, a woman with poisoning skills. They tell you that instead of having to fight Khana, if the player will slip a slow acting poison into her drink, then the player will win that way.

  • If the player chooses to use the poison, they will be given a reward, but Khana will not teach her special technique, because she will be killed. Attention! Be sure to be finished with Dr. An in the Arena (Buy everything you need, The Scientist Quest) because she won't talk to you again if you choose to poison Khana.
  • If the player chooses to reject the poison, and tell Khana of the attempt on her life, Khana will tell the player that if the player wins the upcoming fight, she will teach him/her her special technique, with Double Sabers.

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