"My spirit cannot rest quiet with them here."
–Merchant Bai, to the player

The quest called "A Fearful Ghost" is one of the three obtained from Gravedigger Shen in the Necropolis, and functions as a component of Quest: The First Gravedigger. It requires that the player deal with the ghost of Merchant Bai, who is causing trouble in the Necropolis.

Merchant Bai explains that he was a shopkeeper in one of the poorer parts of the Imperial City. He was not rich, and his goods were practical rather than luxurious, but he made enough to survive. However, the area in which he lived was terrorised by two brothers, Si Tsu and Si Ran, who extorted money and goods from the merchants there. When Merchant Bai refused to cooperate with them, they murdered and mutilated him.

The two were later captured and beheaded, and were buried in the Necropolis a not far from Bai's resting place. The spirits of the two thugs have now risen, and continue to torment Merchant Bai just as they did in life.

Merchant Bai asks the player to disperse the spirits of Si Tsu and Si Ran, who can be found in the Tomb of the Masses.


At PeaceEdit

If players chooses to disperse the spirits of his tormentors, Bai's spirit will be granted peace and will bestow upon the player something that even Gravedigger Shen had not been able to find. This choice will grant the player Open Palm points, 1 silver, and a Cow Bezoar.


If the player chooses the easier option, and simply disperses his spirit, he will not find peace, but the quest will still be completed. This choice will grant the player Closed Fist points.

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