A Master's Fate is the final quest in Jade Empire game. After confronting Sun Li, he traps the Player in his mind. He proceeds to summon minions to defeat th Player. However, the Player's followers come to his/her aid, overcoming Li. However, Li explains that no mortal can overcome the mind prison, which leads to Sagacious Zu’s spirit coming and shattering the prison. Li is impressed and explains that he has the best intentions for the Jade Empire. He gives you an option to surrender. If you refuse, a final battle will commence. Sun Li is the only enemy in the game that uses the "Focus Mode" ability, slowing down time in his favor. If both the Player and Li are using Focus Mode, then time will seem normal. After defeating Li, depending on whether you killed or tainted the Water Dragon, the Open Palm or Closed Fist ending will appear and the fates of your followers will be shown.