"He was only a few moments old when that vile man took him from me, ripped him from my arms, and carried him away."
Miss Chan, to the player

The quest called "A Mournful Ghost" is one of the the three that can be obtained from Gravedigger Shen when players first visit the Necropolis. As such, it functions as a component of The First Gravedigger. It requires that the player deal with the ghost of Miss Chan, who is causing trouble in the Necropolis. Miss Chan's ghost can be located on the south east area of the Necropolis.

Miss Chan died in childbirth, and her spirit is unquiet because she believes that her baby was stolen away by Gravedigger Shen, though her baby died with her. If the player asks Shen about her baby, he will only say that it was buried in one of the plots near her. He cannot recall what the baby's name was.

Finding The Correct GraveEdit

As there are four graves belonging to people named Chan, the player will need to know the name of Miss Chan's baby son — if they point to the wrong grave, Miss Chan will believe that they are in league with Shen and attack them. Three of the four graves can be eliminated using information the player may have noted:

  • Chan Han is not a possibility — she is listed as a mother, and thus was obviously not Miss Chan's baby boy.
  • Chan Li is not a possibility — he was named after Sun Li the Glorious Strategist, whereas Miss Chan said her son was named after a relative of hers.
  • Chan Ding Sheng is not a possibility — he is listed as the founding father of something, which Miss Chan's baby boy could not have been; also, Gravedigger Shen remembers that the baby's name was shorter than that. This leaves only Chan Tuo, who is the correct choice.


At PeaceEdit

If the player chooses to show Miss Chan the correct grave containing her baby, then she will accept that he son is dead, and will achieve peace. This choice will grant the player Open Palm points.


If the player chooses to simply destroy her and disperse her spirit that way, then she will not find peace, but the quest will be completed anyway. This choice will grant the player Closed Fist points.

If the player shows her the wrong grave, then Miss Chan will become enraged and she will attack the player, resulting in her dispersion, but without peace.

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