"Ren Feng, if I ever get my claws on you, I'll leave you a stinking, bloated corpse!"
Ren Ming

The quest called "A Vengeful Ghost" is one of the three obtained from Gravedigger Shen in the Necropolis, and functions as a component of Quest: The First Gravedigger. It requires that the player deal with the ghost of Ren Ming, who is causing trouble in the Necropolis.

Speaking to Ren Ming, the player learns that he believes his wife to have poisoned him. He says that he is unable to make his way out of the Necropolis himself, and asks that the player kill his wife for him. The player can then speak with Ren Feng, who is found outside a house just north of the entrance to the Black Leopard School. She tells the player that Ren Ming's death was an accident, caused by bad salmon, although she still blames herself for it. She has been unable to talk to her husband's spirit due to Ren Ming's unwillingness to listen, but suggests that if she returned to him accompanied by the player, she might have more success.


At PeaceEdit

If the player chooses to find his wife, and then bring her to him in order to convince him of her innocence, then Ren Ming's spirit will be dispersed peacefully, and his wife will be granted some closure. This choice will grant the player Open Palm points.


If the player chooses to simply "kill" him, and disperse his spirit, he will not find peace, but the quest will still be completed. This choice will grant the player Closed Fist points.

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