The quest called "A Woman in Black" is obtained in Chapter Two. It is relatively short, and is completed automatically in the course of the player's other progress.

The quest begins shortly after the beginning of the chapter when the player crash-lands near Tien's Landing. After crossing to the other side of a covered bridge, players are attacked by a veiled woman dressed in black, who observed them in Two Rivers after the attack and who believes them to be minions of Death's Hand. After the player defeats the woman in black, she concedes that her assumption was probably mistaken, saying that "Death's Hand would view such ability outside his assassins as... dangerous". She then retreats, but says that it is possible the player will meet her again.

The second encounter with the woman in black takes place in the same general area, and occurs as the player is returning to Tien's Landing after obtaining the Inscrutable Power Source from the Assassins at the Great Dam. The meeting causes this quest to be replaced by Quest: Silk Fox — which, unlike this one, is categorised as a main quest.

Journal entriesEdit

Spoken to the woman in black: "You were challenged by a woman clad in black as you approached Tien's Landing. She apparently saw you leave Two Rivers, and assumed you were a minion of Death's Hand. You convinced her otherwise after surprising her with your martial skills."

  • "Be Wary of a Second Meeting: It seems the mysterious woman in black expects the two of you to cross paths again. Be on the lookout. She could be a useful ally, but she could also be a dangerous foe if you have another 'misunderstanding'."

Quest completed: "You encountered the woman in black again. Her name is Silk Fox."

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