This quest takes place in Tien's Landing, in front of Ai Ling's boathouse. Mistress Vo and Jian the Iron Fist stand playing Yi without a board to play it on or pieces to play it with. As the player leaves them to their game, Mistress Vo makes a comment to Jian about not letting him/her get away. Jian concedes that the player show promise, but will not train one unless they follow the Way of the Closed Fist.

Mistress Vo says that she will train the player in the ancient style of Stone Immortal if impressed by his/her devotion to the Way of the Open Palm. Jian the Iron Fist says that he will teach the player the style Tempest if he/she shows devotion to the path of the Closed Fist.

After the player become aligned to either the Open Palm or Closed Fist, the respective trainer will teach their respective style. The training takes place as a battle where the player must defeat either Mistress Vo or Jian the Iron Fist, who use their unique styles. After the training session, Mistress Vo remarks to Jian that their game is concluded and they leave Tien's Landing.

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