The quest called "An Unfortunate Debt" can be obtained in Two Rivers.

Once players have progressed far enough through the main plotline of that chapter, they will be able to find an unnamed villager standing on the beach, worrying aloud about his difficulties. If asked, the villager will say that he owes a debt to Gao the Greater, but is unable to pay, and now fears the consequences. If players wish, they can offer the villager twenty pieces of silver with which to settle the debt, but the villager is reluctant to accept charity — players will need to pass a Charm, Intuition, or Intimidation check to get the villager to accept.

Players will only receive this as an active quest if they do not help the villager in their first conversation with him. If the matter is resolved immediately, the quest is sorted as completed as soon as it is received. If will be evil on him, he will attack you with help of gao's men in two rivers, on place where they attaced the gate guard.

Journal entriesEdit

(Optional) First assigned: "One of the farmers from outside Two Rivers seems to have ended his trip to the market twenty silvers short from paying back a debt. He owes this debt to a man who works for Gao the Greater, your fellow student's notorious merchant father."

  • "A Few Silvers Shy: If you wish to aid the farmer in some way, talk to him on the beach outside Two Rivers."

Quest completed: "You managed to persuade the farmer who owed money to Gao the Greater that there was no shame in taking a loan from you. He thanked you profusely and left to repay his debt."

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