Quest: Cannibals in the Inn is a quest that is unlocked if the main character refuses to be a part of The Keeper's plan to kill the Forest Shadow. It can also be unlocked if the main character dishonestly agrees to The Keeper's plan and accepts the Forest Shadow's request to kill The Mother. It is also the quest in which the main character picks up Henpecked Hou and adds him to the party.


As you first approach the main area of the Pilgrim's Rest Inn, you will talk to The Keeper, if the main character has a succesful dialogue with The Keeper, The Keeper reveals his plan to destroy the Forest Shadow. In the event of an unsuccessful dialogue check the main character can talk to Henpecked Hou and he will eventually tell you to ask The Keeper "about the twisted servants of The Mother." Which will prompt The Keeper to then reveal his plan to have the main character kill the Forest Shadow and give a half-year's worth of silver as payment.

The Keeper and the other servants around the Inn with the exception of Henpecked Hou will then reveal themselves as Cannibals, which are followers of The Mother who have allegedly been taught the way to gain power from human flesh. Followers of the Open Palm will then slaughter the Cannibals if they have already spoke with Spear Catches Leaf. If they have not already then the main character can dishonestly agree to The Keeper's plan and return later to kill them after having spoke with the Forest Shadow.

Followers of the Closed Fist can agree to the plan and kill the Forest Shadow. Upon returning to The Keeper he will give the main character the promised reward and he will also bestow the Mother's Touch technique as a bonus. The main character can then leave and return to Lord Yun, or they can still kill the Cannibals and The Mother. After either the Forest Shadow or The Mother (Or both) are dead, the main character can return to Lord Yun to declare victory.


  • Theoretically, the Open Palm path of this quest offers both more opportunities for gems, money, and experience than the Closed Fist path, unless the Closed Fist player decides to travel to the Mother's lair, in which case obviously more experience would be gained.
A map of the Pilgrim's Rest Inn

Pilgrim's Rest Inn

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