Master Gang wants you to help construct a spirit shard in the sould extraction chamber for the new lieutenant Jade Golem. There has to be a way to fulfill your duty without making the golem army of the Lotus Assassins any stronger. They will remain your enemies regardless of what you learn here.
-From in-game description.

Create a Spirit Shard is a subquest of Infiltrate the Lotus Assassin Fortress and The Emperor and the Assassins. This quest is necessary to complete to finish the aforementioned quest and the chapter's plot.

To gain Master Gang's favor and entry to the inner chambers, you must complete two tasks. One is to kill Master Shin his rival, the other is this: to create a Jade Golem lieutenant by ruthlessly torturing a slave until death and harvesting his soul. Regardless of philosophy, you must not allow the golem army to become stronger.


Enter the soul extraction room through the ghost room from the previous step in this quest. You will be stopped by Zu, who will engage you in conversation. He will tell you to disrupt the spirit shard by descending to the deepest mines to find the soul you required to find. Proceed into the next room to speak to Go Rin, who is thoroughly indoctrinated. She will try to persuade you to take a slave from the prison level and stay out of the lower levels. 

Search the Lower MinesEdit

Use the elevator in the extraction chamber to go to the lowest mines.

Follow the above instructions. Head to the lowest mine (termed "abandoned deep-level mine"). Go Rin isn't happy. Exit into the mine to hear another message from the hidden Zu. Zeng Sai will appear and challenge you. Fight him and Zu will slink out of the shadows, giving you more cryptic information. Head for the coffin and make the spirit shard with his corpse. Kill Go Rin, who is unable to contemplate how you could be so treasonous. When you exit the soul extractor room, you'll have a brief altercation with a student and her friends. Show her how you gained Master Gang's favor.

Quest: Create a Spirit Shard complete.


  • There are two other floors to travel to on the Soul Extractor elevator. One is the prison level Go Rin suggests you travel to. You have an opportunity for both Open Palm and Closed Fist points here. The second is another mine that holds two Iron Skin Gems and a modicum of money.
  • Zeng Sai is said to be a Horselord from the wars of the past. This same conflict is mentioned in a scrollstand and as the main topic of the play in the quest, The Play's the Thing.

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