The quest called "Fading Moon's Bounty" can obtained in Chapter 3. It is one of the two bounty quests given by Captain Sen, the other being Quest: Creative Yukong's Bounty. It requires that the player hunt down a person named Fading Moon, who is somewhere in the Imperial City.

Fading Moon is accused of starting a number of damaging fires. The first were in the poorer quarters of the city, which were not deemed as much of a priority and which, given the nature of those districts, would be difficult to investigate or prevent in any case. Her more recent attempts, however, affected wealthier parts of the city, and she is now being actively hunted down. Captain Sen says that she is believed to have fled into the Necropolis.

Fading Moon is indeed in the Necropolis, and can be found in the courtyard of the Unfinished Tomb (although only if the player has received this quest). When approached, she briefly speaks to the player, but does not appear to be sane. Seemingly obsessed with fire, she talks about "fire in the air and fire inside" and "dancing pretty lights". She also says that "none of us are alive anymore, not until the lights dance with us", perhaps suggesting that she sees fire as some sort of response to the ghost problem that the Empire is experiencing. She also refers to "those maggot people, leeching off the Empire". Regardless of what players say, Fading Moon will attack.

Once she is dead, the quest is completed by returning to Captain Sen for the bounty.

Reward Edit

  • 250 XP, 127 silver and the Gem of Pure Flame after defeating Fading Moon in battle
  • 300 XP and 2000 silver after turning in the bounty to Captain Sen

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